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There is no tomorrow - V​.​A. (Inpsyde Media)

by Inpsyde Media

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Hereby we are proudly presenting the newest freshest Inpsyde Media release. A full on blasting nighttime compilation in the true dark night-style that Inpsyde Media is mainly building it's reputation on. A stunning collection of grim and dark psychedelic trance. This compilation is garantueed to blast your pants off, and once experienced in it's full extend, is supposed to leave you listeners out there in a completely confused and utterly deranged state of mind.

Inpsyde Media once more stands and delivers without mercy, so you better buckle up and get ready for this insane nighttime rollercoaster ride. This compilation is meant to be played IN THE NIGHT, IN THE DARK,
the first tune by wellknown masters of disaster Penta, who're opening this manic session. Followed by another expert in ear bashing tunes, Azax Syndrom, this man is an EVIL FORCE to be reckoned with. Thank God he's not the keeper of PANDORA'S BOX, but the fact that Psyfactor is, is also not really comforting for all true Christian souls out there, they hammer and twist anything left alive in your skull to bits with their contribution to this cd. Once cruising around in the Dark Nebula of the mind, this Australian mad man delivers a CANNONBALL that would even make CLEOPATRA rise from the grave and twist and boogy with us all night long, watch out also for his 2nd release coming soon on Inpsyde Media in the next months. This one is being followed by a very industrial masterpiece of psytrance by Israeli's ruth- and mercyless headbashing combo Catla, and the trackname MINIMAL DISASTER I tend to call a real understatement since it's gonna bring quite a few of you out there in a state of mind that might make your familymembers and relatives think quite different about the results of this tune.....Jelly Headz is probably the result you're all gonna be having now reaching this phase of this monster compilation and this absurd French duo is delivering the most insane production they ever did so far, EXCALIBUR'S NIGHT is gonna take care of you in a way that you've not been able to imagine so far yet., it's time for your straight jacket now !!! Totally deranged it's time to get some Derango, stuck in your favourite piece of your wardrobe, it's now as if you're totally TIME TRAPPED. No way out anymore, these dark swedish twisters got you by the balls just like you love it. This is the end of you as you know yourself, you're gonna meet the DEVIL as he IS IN DETAIL. Ibex will take care of the last bits of life in you and drain it out.....after listening to all of this....THERE IS NO TOMORROW for any of you out there.....and that's a promise...not a threat !!!!


released February 1, 2004


all rights reserved


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